Week 12. Floor Based Hoist – Ergonomic transfer part 1 – 14 day rental


Ergonomic Hoist transfer – Part 1

In this webinar we work out how to complete an ergonomic hoist transfer from bed to chair.  Participants work out where equipment is placed on how it is moved to get the best use out of the equipment in place to complete a transfer from bed to being ready to position in a chair.  Learn some key tricks is reducing unnecessary moving and handling.

Past participants of this webinar scored it 10/10

Some of the feedback included:

‘Is a good reminder to actually try things out in person, is also a good reminder about our fear of taking risks and keeping that in perspective’.
‘I feel i have some tools for using the floor hoist for transferring clients to the wheelchair’.
‘Thanks Aideen, another fantastic webinar. I wish I was on the ‘live’ for this one, I had so many comments! I’m heading into a showroom to trial my brake pivots!’