Are you tired of wasting time, feeling anxious and overwhelmed
when faced with manual handling problems?

The health professionals face a number of challenges in addressing the manual handling concerns of their client:

  • Health professionals are considered experts on the team in relation to manual handling however they get no official undergraduate training in it. They are sometimes inadvertently giving incorrect advice.
  • Health services have invested in high quality equipment yet allied health professionals are not confidence in this use. They are missing simple opportunities to completely eliminate manual handling and therefore needing more care givers than they should.
  • Many health professionals don’t how to manage the people in the manual handling process.  This means cases drag on for a lot longer than they need to.

What does this mean for you as a health professional?

You feel anxious

You are overwhelmed with equipment options

Cases are dragging out leading to burn out

Your Solutions

HoistEd is a programme that teaches allied health professionals how to help keep care workers injury free. This includes face to face training, webinars and mentoring sessions.

HoistEd is based on 4 main principles


We help health professionals implement frameworks for recognizing manual handling risk and planning what to do about it.


We teach health professionals how to systematically prescribe equipment correctly to get the best out of the resource and it does more the care worker does less.


Once they have the right equipment, we teach them how to use it efficiently with the least amount of people.


We equip health professionals to manage the people around manual handling routines so cases don’t take as long.

What does this mean for you?

Feel confident in the recommendations you make

Get the best out of equipment resources so the care worker does less

Manual handling become a vehicle to enhance relationships

Keep care workers injury free and deliver excellence
in the care of people with complex physical disabilities

How skilled are you in solving manual handling problems

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