Are you tired of wasting time, feeling anxious and overwhelmed
when faced with manual handling problems?

Health professionals (such as occupational therapists, nurses, physiotherapists and workplace health and safety advisors) are considered experts on the health team in solving manual handling problems for people with disabilities. This includes helping them to get out of bed in the morning, having a shower, going to the toilet, getting dressed and getting into their wheelchair.

In solving these manual-handling problems, they are expected to offer smart solutions were risks to client and care worker are mitigated, care is efficient and care is of high quality.

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Although they have the badge of ‘expert’ on graduating, many of these health professionals receive very little training in solving these problems. Some health professionals can inadvertently:

Give incorrect advice because they don’t full understand what causes injuries. As a result many prevent people with disabilities being more independent in transfers that are safe causing loss of function too early or place the care worker at risk of injury with transfers that are unsafe.


Recommend inappropriate equipment solutions where exposure to risks remains. Many don’t know how to use equipment efficiently meaning the workers and client don’t get the full benefit of what the equipment has to offer. Finally, many health professionals don’t know how to justify equipment meaning funding bodies are unable to make sound decisions for equipment solutions, resulting in these solutions being declined


Don’t know how to support the people in the manual handling process, where they may have to give bad news. Addressing a manual handling risk can quickly become a stress risk and fracture a team at a time when teamwork is needed most.

What does this mean for you as a health professional?

Feel anxious that your recommendations are incorrect


Overwhelmed with solutions to solve problems


Cases result in conflict resulting in stress and burn out

The Solution

Hoisted is a 12-week programme that teaches health professionals how to offer smart solutions to people with disabilities and their care givers – care where the risks are mitigated, care is efficient and is of high quality. It includes:


Face to face workshops


Online learning


Weekly Supervision


Identify when a risk is present, what to do about it and how to succinctly document it using systematic methods.


How to support people in the manual handling process so it builds teams as opposed to fracturing them.


How to prescribe, use and justify equipment so it takes every opportunity to eliminate manual handling and make care safer, dignified and comfortable for all

What does this mean for you?

You can offer smart solutions to people with disabilities and their care givers

Better quality advice so you feel confident

Get the right equipment for the job faster

You can bring a team together in a stress free process

Keep care workers injury free and deliver excellence
in the care of people with complex physical disabilities

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