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Risk Managed is always looking for talented allied health professionals to join our team.

If you think you align with our values we would love to hear from you.  Fill in your details and your CV and we will be in touch.

At Risk Managed we work with OTs in a number of ways in the delivery high quality moving and handling interventions to people with disability.

We support you to do it yourself

Our program, SmartCare for HPs gives you the skills to complete moving and handling assessments in your practice yourself

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We offer supervision on specific cases if you feel you need that additional support

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We do it for you

Sometimes cases can be really challenging and you might need us to complete the case for you.

We can work in partnership with you where we take on just the moving and handling aspect of your client’s case directly with the client and you do the other OT intervention around that.

Telehealth opportunities have broken down the barriers of this, meaning wherever you are in the country, we can take the tough moving and handling aspect of the case off your hands.

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You work with us

Many OTs we talk to feel burnt out by the massive range of clinical areas they need to be across to do their job as an occupational therapist.

This can mean endless continuing professional development (CPD), never ending bespoke report writing and jumping between one type of clinical expertise to the other – a Thermomix one day – a vehicle modification the next.

At Risk Managed we focus on moving and handling cases only. In turn we have developed highly systematic processes for doing our assessments. For you this means one type of CPD, the same structure of reports and the same clinical scope all the time.

You can develop confidence quickly in one key area and avoid the burn out related to spreading yourself too thin.

If you get stuck, we have a highly educated team who have solved endless moving and handling problems to support you along the way.

We are always looking for contractors to join our team. This means you can keep doing the work you are currently doing but tap into our networks to undertake moving and handling related assessments under our brand. At Risk Managed we look for the right attitude as we can teach you the skills.

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