The following information is for people who receive care which is funded by the NDIS or Home Care Package (HCP). At Risk Managed we refer to care receivers as participants or clients.

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Information for Care Receivers
Information for Health Professionals

Do your care staff assist your clients with any of the following:

  • getting out of bed
  • going to the toilet
  • having a shower
  • getting dressed.

If so, you are offering moving and handling services.

A certain amount of moving and handling is necessary during a client’s personal care routine. However, if your care staff don’t have the right knowledge, skills and resources, much of the moving and handling can be unnecessary.

In the two decades we’ve worked with clients we’ve seen three common problems with the care provided.

Care can be unsafe, inefficient and poor quality

We consider care to be UNSAFE when there is unnecessary moving and handling as this:

  • Exposes the client to a risk of injuries including falls, fractures or pressure injuries. This seriously impacts a client’s health and well-being. Your clients trust you to keep them safe.
  • Exposes your staff to unnecessary risk. This increases the chance of injuries, sick leave or long recovery at work programs. This increases your stress, impacts on your time and costs your business.

We consider care to be INEFFICIENT when:

  • Your staff are injured, on sick leave or on recovery at work programs. You cannot provide your clients the care you promised to deliver.
  • You spend a great deal of time recruiting and training replacement care staff. This increases the cost of delivering care without increasing revenue.
  • The work carried out by your staff is harder than it needs to be. As a result you often have difficulties hiring and retaining new staff.

We consider care to be POOR QUALITY when:

  • Clients experience a lack of consistent care staff.
  • Clients lose trust in your organisation’s ability to provide quality care.
  • You have difficulty attracting new clients to your services.

As a result in-home care providers can waste resources, have difficulty retaining and attacking staff and clients.

At Risk Managed we want this to be a thing of the past. This is why we’ve developed SmartCare™ Online.

SmartCare™ Online is a training package which helps your staff identify necessary from unnecessary moving and handling. It covers for clients who are weight bearing to non weight bearing. Armed with this knowledge they will have the skills and resources to provide safe, efficient and high-quality care to your clients.

SmartCare™ Online is based on 7 principles:


We teach care staff how to eliminate unnecessary moving and handling so they and their client only do what is required.


We use new education techniques to promote learner engagement.


Our training is based on the best available research evidence for keeping clients and care staff safe during personal care routines.


Our programme teaches care staff how to utilise equipment, helping them to eliminate unnecessary moving and handling.


We teach care staff how to use the client’s skills o be able to do more during their personal care.


We empower care staff with the confidence to report hazards. This benefits themselves, the client and you, the care provider.

E Learning

Our online learning portal allows care staff to learn at their own pace, meeting their own individual needs.

What are the outcomes?

SmartCare ™ Online gives care workers the skills to reduce risk and increase efficiency. This will maximise resources and improve the overall quality of care for your clients. You will:

Save Money and Resources

Attract and retain highly skilled staff to your business

Attract and retain clients through a high quality service

Want to help your care staff deliver safe, efficient and quality care today?