Are your care workers part of the 80%
who are injured at work?

You could be wasting time, energy and resources unnecessarily

The disability sector faces a number of challenges:

  • It has an ageing workforce susceptible to injury
  • The work is physically demanding with high rates of injury
  • The industry has difficulty attracting staff and has a high turn over

What does this mean for your organization?

Escalating insurance premiums

Injury and staff costs

Impacts on quality of care

Your Solutions

Our Moveed programme teaches care workers how to keep themselves injury free, be efficient at their work and love what they. This course offers face to face and online learning.

Moveed is based on 7 key principles


Show Care Workers how to eliminate unnecessary risk from manual handling routines, based on Safe Work Australia’s hierarchy for risk management.


Expose participants to state of the art equipment and learn how to get the best out of it.


Enable the client to do more, so that the Care Worker does less. Enable Care Workers to become skilled at keeping themselves safe.


Empower Care Workers to identify and report hazards and manage risks in their work.


The course content your organisation will benefit from is based on the best available research evidence about what works for Care Workers to avoid injuries.


Expertise and skills that Care Workers bring to the training process are acknowledged.


Care Worker learn how to engage the client in the transfer process. Management is engaged in the overall ethos of the programme. Care Workers are engaged by bringing their experience to the programme.

What this means for your organization?

You mitigate escalating insurance premiums

Save $100,000 in costly staff overheads

Demonstrate you are meeting your duty of care

Find out how to mitigate risks, maximise efficiences and delivery quality care

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