Free Wheelchairs Skills Training

Once a person starts using a wheelchair, they can need the assistance of someone else to help with set up as well as getting into and out of the chair.

This free video series outlines all the skills the care workers can assist, while keeping themselves injury free.

Lesson 1

Learn some simple tips in how to set up and start using the wheelchair as well as a little bit about how to stop and start a wheelchair.

Lesson 2

Become confident in assisting with a sit to stand transfer and how to direct your client in what to do to make standing up easier.

Lesson 3

Find out how to assist a person complete a stand pivot transfer from their wheelchair to sit on the side of a bed.

Lesson 4

Learn the steps to guiding someone to transfer from a wheelchair into and out of a car.

Lesson 5

Avoid some of those common mistakes that make using a wheelchair inside challenging and discover some tricks of the trade.

Lesson 6

Time for some adventure outside. Increase your confidence with managing wheelchairs in inclines and declines as well as going up and down kerbs.

Find out how to mitigate risks, maximise efficiences and delivery quality care

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