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Standing Hoists: To stand or not to stand?

This is what we explore in this research pilot study that we presented at the Australian Association for the manual handling of people (AAMHP) Biennial Conference in Fremantle WA in May 2016.  We asked a group of manual handling advisors what skills they thought a client needed to display for a standing hoist to be safe for a client and their caregiver.


Grab your colleagues, grab your lunch and sit down for an in-house lunch and learn session.  Don’t forget to down load your certificate of completion before you start and think about three things as you listen to this presentation that you will now implement in your practice.

To stand or not to stand (Pilot Study)

Part 1/2

Standing Hoists Course | Part 1 – Literature and Methods.
Duration – 14:37

To stand or not to stand (Pilot Study)

Part 2/2

Standing Hoists Course | Part 2 – Results and Discussion.
Duration – 13:15

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