Hoisted Day 1: Choosing and Using Transitional Transfer Aids (weight bearing)

february, 2018

06feb12:15 am12:15 amEvent OverHoisted Day 1: Choosing and Using Transitional Transfer Aids (weight bearing)


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By completing this course, you will learn about the process of assessing for a hoist by ruling out weight bearing transfers. You will feel more certainty in determining if the client can continue weight-bearing transfers and get to explore the equipment solutions available to maintain function. You will confidently be able to justify your decision to recommend ceasing weight-bearing transfers referring to evidence from relevant research studies.

Standing hoists will become a great resource for you with your clients. You will feel a sense of competence in prescribing them, knowing what skills a client needs to display to be safe in a standing hoist based on research in the area. You will also feel a sense of certainty in removing the standing hoist, knowing that this process is not going to damage your relationship with your client.

Through the process of assessing for a hoist, you will feel confident in managing the expectations of family, care giver and client. You will feel a sense of competence in tackling difficult conversations, using a specific system that allows you plan for challenges. You will start to enjoy exploring manual handling equipment and feel confident with playing around with all the features they have to offer. Finally, you will start wanting to find alternative ways of using this equipment available to you, to start solving even more manual handling problems.

At the end of this one-day workshop participants will be able to:

  • Recognise the key skills a client requires to be able to execute transfers (lying to sitting, sitting to standing and stand pivot) with the safe assistance of a care worker;
  • Identify key equipment options in compensating for functional deficits of the client in transfers;
  • Prescribe a standing hoist with a plan for removal if it becomes unsafe; and
  • Negotiate an agreed prescription of a hoist system in the home addressing the needs of all stakeholders


(Tuesday) 12:15 am - 12:15 am

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