Week 9: Floor based hoists – the basics of prescription – 14 day rental


In this webinar we work through the basics of hoist prescription for your clients.  We outline the things to consider when choosing a floor-based hoist for a client.  Participants will leave the webinar with key criteria in justifying different hoist types for client and why.

Past participants of this webinar gave us 10/10

Some of the feedback included:

Brilliant webinar – unique – not your stock standard CPD. Interactive, so useful, really makes you think and SUCH useful information – really practical and helpful information that will completely tailor my hoist prescription’.
‘Your training is just so specific and so targeted at the things we (OT’s) need to know, and the things you know we miss, and that gives me so much confidence to tackle this space’.
‘Highly relevant to clinical practice. Hoist prescription is assumed OT knowledge, however, this knowledge is often provided in a patchy, adhoc nature and supplied by sales companies. Great to have this education provided by an OT taking in all the factors of hoist prescription’.