Common Mistakes Health Professionals Make in Solution Moving and Handling Problems – 7 day rental


This webinar is for health professionals who solve manual handling problems for people with disabilities and their care givers in tasks such as getting out of bed, having a shower and getting into their wheelchair for the day.

Health professionals are considered experts in this the skill set needed to keep care workers injury free in these tasks however they are rarely taught how to do it at university level.  Many struggle with their knowlege in three main areas.

1.  What keeps care workers and clients safe during moving and handling

2.  How to prescribe, use and justify equipment in a time efficient fashion

3.  How to manage the needs of all people in the manual handling process

As a result they find themselves giving incorrect advice or continuously asking for supervision with difficult cases they don’t feel confident about. They can also waste time trialling equipment that is unlikely to work and or discount solutions that are likely to be successful.  Finally, they can struggle managing the needs of everyone in the manual handling leading to stress and burn out.

This webinar will explain the common mistakes health professionals make and how to avoid them in:

The process of assessing and document manual handling problems

Prescribing, using and justifying equipment

Supporting the people in the process so manual handling enhances as opposed to fractures relationships.

This webinar will start you on the road to gaining confidence in the solutions you offer, being efficient in the way you solve them and doing so with less stress.