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Keeping care workers injury free

Emma Small and Aideen Gallagher are occupational therapists, passionate about the health and well being of care organisations, their care workers and people with a disability.  They are using their 30 years of industry knowledge and skills to change the way care and disability services think about manual handling.  They are helping care organisations to save $100,000’s on their workers compensation premiums, staff turnover and inefficiencies.  Risk Managed is known for helping keep care workers injury free when assisting people with disability, for example to lift a person out of bed, shower and get dressed for the day.


Founded in 2014, Risk Managed helps care organisations and allied health professionals.  For in-home care organisations we show them how to decrease injuries, increase profits and become a provider of choice for staff and clients.  For allied health professionals we give them the skills, knowledge and resources to help keep care workers injury free.  Emma and Aideen are committed to creating a highly skilled, resourceful and efficient workforce of care staff to do the work they love, injury free.

Our #1 Amazon Best Selling Book

'The Manual Handling Revolution'

Are you a health professional who is required to navigate the maze of manual handling? Then the Manual Handling Revolution will unlock how you can start to keep care givers injury free when assisting people with disabilities.


You will discover

  • how to objectively evaluate equipment options to find the best solution to a problem
  • how to get the best out of equipment solutions you already use to eliminate manual handling
  • how to achieve a win win outcome for the person with disabilities and their caregivers
  • a method for you to feel confident as a professional in the solutions you recommend
  • a systematic framework for understanding the manual handling assessment process
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